Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's a boy!

Not for me, obviously, as I am not pregnant.  My best friend just had her big u/s today.  I'm so happy for her!  And at the same time, I just found out that a girl I knew from high school lost her baby after delivery.  It is amazing to me how this whole process works.  Why is it so easy for some, while some are subjected to so much suffering?  And then there is me.

I'm kind of in a blah mood today, so I will not ramble on with the "why am I not knocked up" rant.  We haven't been trying that long, really.  I would rather discuss something a little more interesting.  How about Camp Meeting?

I am entirely certain that you are wondering what those two words mean.  Is it camping?  Is it a meeting about camping?  Not exactly, or at all.  Camp Meeting began in my sleepy little town 200+ years ago.  It began as a religious revival, but has evolved into a great week full of family, friends, and TONS of food.  And yes, there are still church services.  Back to the food... fried chicken, grits, ham, green beans, potato salad, pineapple casserole, rice and gravy, pea salad, dinner rolls... and that was just last night!  And good Lord the desserts.  I had just a taste of the pecan pie, but I was torn between that and the chocolate pie, and the brownies, and the red velvet cake.  I'm going to gain twenty pounds this week, I swear. 

You can not truly understand this unless you have been there, or one like it.  I'll try to post pics at some point.  The "camp ground" is a huge circle of 100 tents.  And I do not mean camping tents.  They are wooden structures, most of them two stories.  Very basic.  As odd as this all sounds, it is a lot of fun and it is nice to socialize with our family and all of the other families.  Last night, we were sitting around the fire and J told me that he could not wait until we had children running around playing at the camp ground.  He wants so badly to throw the football with his little boy.  It is very sweet.  And as I watch him watching the kids play, I can't help but be hopeful.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Things I said I would probably never do

And this ranks right up there with them.  However, I guess I now have a blog!  My concern is this: I am not sure that I have anything interesting to say.  Do most people feel that way?  I can assure you that I will bitch about work and school, but I play just as hard as I work... so who knows?

I guess a good place to start would be an introduction.  My husband, J, and I have been married for almost one year.  We live out in the country, or at least what I would consider country.  I grew up in a small town, but it certainly wasn't this small.  A friend of mine jokes that I may be the only person in town who even knows what Jimmy Choos are.  Yes, I am serious.

We decided in May 2009 that I would stop taking my BC pills and we would start trying for a baby.  The decision was fairly easy, as we both realize that there is no such thing as perfect timing.  So for now I am working as a property manager until I finish my MBA and Certificate in Healthcare Administration.  I stay pretty busy, so maybe I will have some stories to tell after all.  Guess you will have to stay tuned....

Oh yeah, you may be wondering about the title of my blog.  "Big things come in small packages" is a something that I said years ago that my family, to this day, still finds ridiculously funny.  I think the actual phrase is something like "great things come in small packages?"  I'm still not sure.  But a baby is certainly a big life change and the greated gift ever, and all in one tiny, perfect package.  I think it kind of fits.