Monday, May 24, 2010

Late as usual

I'm sure you are used to it.  Sorry, but I lack the motivation to do most anything these days that does not involve laying on my couch and eating ice cream and brownies.
So I had a great appointment last Wednesday!  As I thought, the baby is continuing to move downward.  I think this will be a good thing when I actually go into labor, but right now it is extrememly uncomfortable and sometimes even painful.  Still no dilation, which is a very good thing.  My doc seems to think that we will make it closer to my due date, but still doesn't think that I have to worry about going past that.  Oh, and I'm measuring a week ahead.  And my weight was AWESOME... YAY!!!

In celebration of this wonderful news, I went immediately to Wendy's and got a cheeseburger and fries.  Then I made an appointment for a prenatal massage.  It was a good day, y'all.  And for the record, the massage was nice, but didn't help with any of the pain or discomfort I've been feeling.

And before I get to the maternity pictures that I promised, I must mention this.  I finally made a decision on my last day of work.  My due date is June 25th.  I would have liked to work up until that point, but I decided to take a few days for myself.  That said, the last day of work is officially on the books as June 18th!  I am so excited!  Now watch, it will be just my luck that Baby J will decide to come on the 17th... ha!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My husband

So far I've managed to blog about everything in my life, except the one person who is on this incredible ride with me, my husband.  He makes me laugh, makes me cry, takes care of me, and drives me insane.  J is truly the best thing that has ever happened to me.  To say that I am a lucky girl is an understatement.

I was first attracted to him because he is ridiculously handsome.  He has never met a stranger and has a magnetic personality.  This is where we are complete opposites, and as much as we make each other crazy in this respect, it makes life interesting.  People love him, and sometimes I wonder how it is that he can love me.

It makes me very emotional to think about what an amazing father he will be, and in many ways already is.  My greatest hope for our children is that they will be just like their Daddy... giving, confident, hilarious, caring, intelligent, hard working, and worldly.

J is my other half.  My better half.  I look up to him and in many ways would love to be just like him.  He is a leader.  He is the life of the party.  He is my husband.  And for that, I could not be more thankful.

And just as a teaser... we took maternity pictures this past Saturday and the proofs are ready!  I will post a few tomorrow with an update of my 35 week appointment.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I have a pain in my...

I'm sure you can probably finish that thought.  And yes, it is in pain.  As are my hips.  And my back.  Not that I'm complaining.  Every day I roll out of bed thinking, "This is it.  This is the day my child is just going to fall out of my hooha."  Because it really feels like that, y'all.

I am enjoying a doctor free week, though.  So far, no problems to note!  Now I just have to figure out how me and my sore lower half are going to sit through three hours of class three nights in a row.  Ugh.  Torture.

I think that the pain in my butt has been exaggerated by my experiences with Babies R Us.  Who knew it could be so difficult to order a travel system online?  I won't even get into all that because it was a long, arduous process that I'm sure no one cares to hear about.  And it involved a lot of expletives... of course, not directed at any BRU employee because I did manage to mind my manners.

And to top it all off, J and I realized that the "gift card" they gave us back in February expired just a few short weeks later!  Now that really burned me up.  One hundred big ones down the drain.  I find it to be piss poor customer service that they could not bother to mention this one tiny little insignificant ::eye roll:: detail to us as we stood in the store being rung up, cancelling the order because they forgot the gift card, rung up again, and all the while me writhing in pain from my bout with kidney stones.  I can feel my blood pressure rising. 

Well, if the baby does happen to fall out anytime soon, it will have a nice travel system.

Friday, May 7, 2010

It has been a rough week

I am tired.  And bored.  This is all I have the brains for at the moment.

• How far along?: 33 weeks.
• Total weight gain: I don’t think I want to talk about it….
• How big is baby?: the size of a honeydew
• Maternity clothes?: Absolutely
• Stretch marks?: Still none!
• Sleep?: Is getting painful, but still overall pretty good.
• Best moment this week?: The doctor said that she is satisfied that I haven’t made much more progress and can hold off on seeing me for two weeks!
• Movement?: Constantly and I love it!
• Food cravings?: Sweets, of course. And peanut butter.
• Gender?: I am still leaning towards boy, though I have nothing to base that on.
• Labor signs?: Having contractions, 20% effaced, between -3 and -2 station
• Belly button in or out?: It has been flat since about 20 weeks.
• What I miss: My body. Surprised I didn’t say wine? Guess what… I miss that, too.
• What I'm looking forward to: Every afternoon when I can go home and put my swollen feet up.
• Milestone: Every day that the baby stays in and keeps cooking is a milestone.
• Weekly Wisdom: Don’t look at your ass. You won’t recognize it anyway and it ain’t pretty.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

You may now return to your regularly scheduled program

Good news!  Baby J has only dropped slightly more from my last appointment and everything else is about the same.  Bottom line, I'm not on bed rest and Baby still sounds good!  YAY!

You may all breathe a sigh of relief now.  Kidding, but seriously I appreciate the good thoughts and prayers!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm trapped in a glass case of emotion

And I'm about to buy myself a one way ticket to the crazy house.  I can call it that because I've had relatives there, y'all... more on that later, maybe.

Anyway, I just don't feel quite right.  For example, I can breathe.  Most people don't see this as a problem, in fact they appreciate it.  However, I am cursing my body because I have a feeling it means that my baby has dropped a little more.  No more heartburn, no more feeling like I am going to explode after eating just one cupcake- because really, who eats just ONE cupcake?

I'm also pretty swollen today.  My rings were very difficult to get off when I got up this morning and my shoes were hard to get on.  The scale showed that I have gained 7 pounds in like 3 days.  Okay, so maybe this has more to do with the fact that I ate Chinese food last night and I'm retaining water like a sonofabitch?  Details.  Whatever.

So, I'm anxious.  Methinks there is a possibility that the doc may decide I need to stay off of my feet to help ensure that the leetle one doesn't make his debut too early.  And it scares the hell out of me to think about what happens if he does.  Will he be healthy?  Will he have to stay in the hospital long?  Because we live an hour away from the hospital and that would be pure torture.  I will do anything I can to keep my baby safe and healthy, even if I have to be on bed rest until my due date, June 25th.  But, I digress...

(Sorry, but does that phrase now make you think of the FedEx presentation commercial?  It makes me laugh!  Now back to me.)

As I was saying, I just don't feel good.  My hips hurt, I'm not sleeping as well, and I pretty much feel like I've been kicked in the crotch.  Something just doesn't feel right, so now to top it off I have this foreboding sense of being put on bed rest for at least the next three weeks.

And finally, as if my child's health and my finances weren't enough... because let's face it, I would not work another day at this job if it weren't for money... I'm also staring graduation dead in the eye and knowing that if I am put on bed rest that I can kiss my MBA goodbye for at least another 7 months.  And all I have to do is finish this one class that lasts 7 weeks in the summer.  What a pisser.

The appointment is in 23ish hours.  Keep your fingers crossed for a healthy baby and no bed rest!  Or else I swear I will update you every day on the latest happenings of the Jerry Springer show and Montel Williams.  Hmmm, do those even come on anymore?  But I digress...  ::gigglesnort:: 

Looney bin, y'all.