Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I have a Confession (and an update)

First, a little bit of background.  Yesterday was a particularly irritating day.  So what do I do on days when I'm irritated?  I have a milkshake.  Maybe this wasn't the best idea because my 1 hour glucose test was this morning.  Hell, I figured with more than 16 hours till the test I would be fine, right?  And maybe it had no affect, but I still failed my test.  With a 151... FAIL.

Otherwise, everything looked great.  My iron levels and my weight were both really good.  The doctor said that Baby J is perfectly on track and that she isn't even worried about my anks, which I totally blame on my MIL since she has been feeding us for the past two weeks due to the destruction and reconstruction of my kitchen.  I also blame MIL for me possibly catching the diabeetus.  Fingers crossed, hopefully not.

After my appointment, I was starving.  I had not eaten since about 6pm the day before, and even them all I had was a couple of veggie spring rolls.  As a treat to myself because I totally deserved it, I had this for lunch...

Yes, that is a double and the fries and Diet Coke were medium. 

Feel free to drool (sorry to my non-meat eating friends).  It was damn good.  But WAIT, that is not the confession.  The confession is...

I want another one.

I better just hang this on my fridge now as a warning.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

My ankles have ankles

Or something like that.  I got home from dinner Friday night and they were the size of softballs.  That is no exaggeration... and I wish I had the balls to post the pics.  However, half of my feet (from toes to mid-foot) look like Skeletor and the other half (mid-foot to what used to be my ankle) looks like the Stay-Puft Marshmellow man.  Okay, enough 80's metaphors.

Since I'm not going to post pics of my feet, I'll post pics of something else.  I'm confined to the couch for the day, so I have nothing else to do.

So here we have the snow that I promised you weeks ago, 24 week belly pics, and PLENTY of pictures of my baby dog!  You're welcome.  Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend while I'm laid up on the couch!

Monday, March 22, 2010

My new best friend

Okay, so Saturday night I did not sleep worth a shit.  My hips hurt, my legs hurt, and I just could not get comfortable.  When I do not sleep, I am pretty close to a raging bitch the next day.  Needless to say, this problem had to be remedied immediately, if not sooner.  Enter, my new best friend....

My only issue with the Snoogle, purchased at Babies R Us, is that it is a little hard to readjust your position while sleeping under mounds of covers- as I am apt to do.  This issue is minor compared to tossing and turning all night and wanting to kill my husband because he dares to sleep while I lay there staring at the ceiling. 

Oh, speaking of staring at the ceiling, not a problem with the Snoogle.  It actually keeps me from rolling on to my back during the night.  SCORE.  Snoogle- highly recommended, with the added bonus of being fun to say.  SNOOOOGLE.  (You just said it didn't you?  Told ya!)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

99 days and a lesson in mommyhood

Down to double digits.  I am very pleased and yet sad to be able to say that.  Yesterday, Little J was moving around and I could actually see it from the outside, just slight movements.  And then a whopping big kick when I started laughing.  Seeing that baby move is nothing short of miraculous.  And yet, it made me a little sad.  I am so curious and excited to meet him or her, but I now know exactly how much I am going to miss these movements and little kicks.  I am going to miss this time that I have my baby all to myself to enjoy and laugh with.  Only 99 more days....

I have also realized that gone are the days of it being just me, J, and Duke.  Everything has already changed.  This little one must be thought of in every decision we make.  So how exactly did I learn this lesson?  I went to bed last night around my same time, 9pm and yes I know those days are coming to an end (99 days, duh).  The phone rang, waking me from the deepest of sleeps, at approximately 10:40pm.  I was furious!  Not only because I had been startled from my sleep, but so had Little J.  Oh yes.  That baby kicked for probably about the next hour.  Undoubtedly, because we had both been woken up and are both incredibly grumpy when woken.  The baby isn't here yet, and already we are learning so much.

Monday, March 15, 2010

As of last Friday, only 15 weeks left!

It's that time again!  Well, not that I've been doing anything on a regular basis, but whatever.

• How far along?: 25 weeks.

• Total weight gain: The doctor says 15lbs, I say 26.

• How big is baby?: the size of am eggplant.

• Maternity clothes?: Yes, please

• Stretch marks?: Not yet and hoping it stays that way!

• Sleep?: Waking up a couple of times during the night, but otherwise sleeping very well.

• Best moment this week?:  Hearing the baby's heartbeat at the doctor's office and getting a good check up.

• Movement?: Very consistent and a lot stronger. I swear the kid almost broke one of my lower ribs the other night.

• Food cravings?: Anything sweet.

• Gender?: Deep down I still think it is a boy.

• Labor signs?: Nope.

• Belly button in or out?: Pretty much flat.

• What I miss: Sitting out in the sun with a glass of wine. Or sitting on my couch with a glass of wine. I miss wine.

• What I'm looking forward to: Getting the furniture all put together and set up.

• Milestone: J can actually see my belly move when the baby kicks now!

• Weekly Wisdom: Read up on all of the unpleasant things that can happen during pregnancy. It is nice to be forewarned.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Last appointment in 2nd Tri

Aaaaahhhhh!!!  Where the hell is the time going?  Someone please remind me to breathe.  I think I have been so focused on schoolwork that I have lost track of time.  I did finish my research project, though!

My appointment today was pretty uneventful, which is a good thing.  The doctor was running extremely late and kept me waiting for about 45 minutes.  Oh well, what can you do?  It did kind of irritate me that she just zoomed in and tried really hard to zoom out.  Sorry sista, I gots questions.

Anyway, I'm still measuring on time and the baby's heart rate was 148.  And for the first time EVAH, my weight was right where it needed to be... bring on the chocolate! 

Hershey Hugs and Reese Cups... my flavors of the month

But as I mentioned, I did have some questions.  Like, what the hell is up with my belly button?  Not because it is getting flat, but because after 5 or so months of not have a belly ring it has decided to become somewhat infected (not in a scary gross way, just annoying).  Also, why do my upper legs feel like I've run a marathon by the time I get home every day.  I knew the answer to that one, just thought I'd throw it out there.  And can the baby reach my ribs yet?  Because I think he broke one last night.

I know, none of that was really important.  However, I should get more than just a 30 second drive by after I've been waiting for 45 minutes, right?  Maybe?  No?  Am I gaining a false sense of entitlement?  Meh, whatever.

Next appointment is in three weeks instead of the usual four since my doc will be out of town.  Oh, and I get to drink the sensational glucola drink that I've heard so much about *feigns excitement*  

I will have the pleasure of savoring the deliciousness of the fruit punch glucola drink.

On second thought, maybe I should hold off on those Hugs and Reese Cups....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

While I was procrastinating

I know I should be finishing my massive research project that is due on Thursday *gasp*  Instead, I am shopping online.  Finally, something I am good at!  I had some Old Navy coupons and I needed a few things, so why not?

AND, I got some tanks and stuff to bum around in. Yay! A successful day! Errr, well by success I mean that I did get some work done on my project and also got ten items for $82. Gotta love a deal!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hey there Internets...

I feel like I should just introduce myself all over again.  Seriously, I'm not ignoring you.  When I make it out from under my stack of schoolwork, I will attempt to entertain you.  Until then, I will leave you with this gem...

J and I went to a wedding this past weekend.  Now, for some odd reason, I detest any type of buffet.  Even though I know that there is nothing wrong with the food, I just can't bring myself to partake.  So, J gets his food and we sit down at a table (briefly, like just long enough for him to eat, we are not setting up camp here).  A lovely old man then proceeds to tell me,

"You may as well eat.  You are going to get fat anyway."

::Cue the "I'm going to rip your beating heart out of your chest you old geazer" glare::  Thank you and you are welcome.