Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Okay, so it is a day early, but I will probably not be around much tomorrow, as I will be overindulging in turkey, dressing, macaroni and cheese, rice and gravy, butterbeans, squash, pineapple casserole, and many other things that I am forgetting.  Thanksgiving is truly my favorite holiday, mainly because of the food, but also because it is one day where we are forced to stop and think about all of the good in our lives.  It is my solemn vow that tomorrow I will (wholeheartedly try to) not be negative in any way, shape, or form.  Not even when my mother in law tries to touch my belly.  Everyone say it with me, "It is not baby, it is bloat."

I will be 10 weeks on Friday!  Now that is something to be thankful for.  I still haven't posted the u/s pic because our scanner at work is not exactly a high quality machine and the scans distort the pictures.  Maybe I can work on that over my break while I'm at my Mama and Daddy's house.

Only a two and a half weeks left in the semester!  Keep me in your prayers, as I need every one that I can get right now.  I'm drowning in school work.  Speaking of which, I should probably get back to it.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

First appointment!

Let me just tell you, I was an absolute nervous wreck yesterday.  I even teared up before we walked in to the doctor's office because I was just so scared that something would be wrong.  Almost as if this entire pregnancy was just in my head and I had gotten myself all worked up over nothing.  Crazy, huh?

J and I waited for (what seemed like an eternity) about 10 minutes before we were called back to the ultrasound room.  It was an external exam.  As soon as we saw the baby, J started laughing.  He asked questions the whole time.  I just watched the monitor in silence.  It was the most amazing, indescribable thing I have ever witnessed.  It was like watching a movie because it was so surreal.  There is no way that the little thing on the screen was inside of me.  The little body, the little flickering heart, they were the most beautiful things I've ever seen.  And yes, I cried.  Just a little.

Baby J is measuring right on time at 8w5d with a strong heartbeat of 178.  I believe I could have watched that monitor forever.  The tech was measuring my ovaries, and the cysts that formed due to the pregnancy, and I was trying to jedi mind fuck her into moving back to the baby.  She printed out four pictures, which I stare at as if they are somehow going to move or change.

The rest of the appointment was not nearly as exciting.  I got my H1N1 vaccine, whoopee.  After a regular exam, we discussed a few things with the doctor, including the fact that I will give birth in one of the birthing suites at the brand new state-of-the-art hospital.  Yay!  And then it was over.  We walked away with our pictures and our New Mommy bag.  And once again, it just doesn't seem real.  I have the proof that it is, but I expected to somehow feel differently.  That will come with time, I guess.

I was a little surprised that we didn't sit down and chat about the do's and don'ts.  The doc was mostly concerned with my water intake due to my headaches and dizziness.  The solution, drink more water.  To clarify, "more" means enough water to fill a small swimming pool.  Ugh.  My next appointment will be for a check up and to meet with the patient educator. 

But what an amazing day.  What an amazing experience.  It was one of those firsts that you can never get back, but that will never leave you.  I saw my child for the first time.  Wow.  And then J took me to lunch and I ate a mushroom cheddar burger that was the size of my head.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Lazy Weekends

Football season is so hectic.  During the rest of the year, I completely take for granted how wonderful it can be to stay home on the weekends.  This weekend was the ultimate in relaxation, and much needed.  If you can believe it, I only did a grand total of an hour and a half of schoolwork!  Yay!  I'm probably going to pay for it later, but whatever.

J and I are doing some remodeling to our centuries old cave.  Okay, it isn't as bad as I make it out to be, and it is only about 50 years old, but it was pretty neglected and a LOT of work is going into it to make it more suitable for living.  The master bedroom and guest bedroom were done over the last two years, as well as the guest bath.  Right now we are working on the master bath and our ginormous closet.  All of my clothes are currently housed on the guest bed, making it nearly impossible to function.  Oh well!

Next will be the kitchen.  A huge task to undertake, and J is on a time limit.  I think I must be crazy to allow him to gut the kitchen while I am pregnant, but if we don't do it now we may never do it.  Right?

So, J worked on that element of the house, and I did housework.  Oh yeah, and I cooked.  I made a fantastic casserole that made two meals, banana nut muffins, oatmeal cookies, and chocolate chip cookies.  Yum! 

Next on my agenda, concealed weapons course.  No, I am not kidding in the least.  Of course, I will be checking with my doc first.  Speaking of which, my first appointment and ultrasound are in less than 48 hours!  I am SO scared and SO excited at the same time!  Wish me luck!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dear Duke,

You have been such a sweet little monster puppy lately.  I have thoroughly enjoyed having you curled up practically on top of me every night.  It was almost as if you could tell that I wasn't feeling well and you just wanted to comfort me.

All of that considered, I feel that I should offer you an apology since I yelled at you this morning.  It wasn't your fault that you got sick... twice... in massive piles the size of your 35+ pound body.  (By the way, someone please explain to me how an animal of his size can throw up SO FREAKIN MUCH.)  Mama just can't handle the sight, smells, and everything else that came with dog vomit so early in the morning.  And I am sorry that I left you outside in the cold while I dry heaved over the toilet.

Here is a suggestion, you can take it or leave it, how about try to chew your food instead of sucking it down like a Hoover, mmmkay? 


Monday, November 9, 2009

Football and M/S don't mix

Imagine being in the middle of an almost sold out football stadium, cheering on your team in a game that they probably shouldn't be winning... and feeling like you may lose your last meal all over the poor, unsuspecting spectators in front of you.  Trust me, not a good feeling. 

I think I asked for this.  A week ago I was telling my mother that it didn't feel real because I didn't have morning sickness.  Looks like the m/s is going to get the last laugh on this one.  So I've gone from a daily diet of english muffins, apples, carrots, hummus, proteins, and veggies to Jolly Ranchers, Sour Patch kids, and Lifesaver Gummy Sours.

It just feels so wrong to eat a whole bag of candy in under two hours.  Especially when I'm not puking it back up.  Seriously, I'm just queasy.  I almost WISH I was puking.  And when I do, you can all remind me (see bold, red type).

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I hate water

Really?  Water?  The only way I can stomach it is if I am eating something.  Good thing, or actually not so much, that I am eating ALL THE TIME.  I am so hungry. 

Yesterday, I had my first go round with the queasiness.  That is no fun.  And the only thing that cures it?  You got it, eating. 

So let's see...  total weight gain to date is a whopping 8 pounds.  That is insane.  How in the name of all that is holy is that even possible?!  Sorry if I'm a bit obssessed with weight, but... well, I'm obssessed with weight.  Always have been.  Yeah, I know, I need to just get over that now.

And on a totally unrelated note, I'm getting the H1N1 shot tomorrow.  Woohoo.  Hey, at least I'm not working tomorrow.  Yay!  Hope you all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Yes, I am a Klutz

With a big ole capital K.  I have tripped twice in the past week.  The first time, in front of my finance class, I was wearing boots with 3 1/2 inch heels.  This time, in front of the big whig from the sales company, I tripped over the carpet.  While wearing Sperrys.  Oh, and PS, I'm wearing the Sperrys because I figured they would be trip-free.  FAIL.

Monday, November 2, 2009

This is not good.

As I sit here at my desk today, I look like I should be reading cheesy lines for my starring role in a porn flick.  Yes, it is that bad.  I have on a white button down shirt and the buttons are about to pop off.  I am trying desperately to hide them with my scarf, to no avail.  How did I not notice this before I left my house?  Probably because I was too busy trying to gather everything edible in the house to take for lunch.  By the way, lunch now lasts approximately eight hours.

Ah, the joys of pregnancy.  Is it okay to say that even though I'm not even seven weeks yet?  Probably not.  Here is a run down of my "ailments" thus far:
  • Bouts of dizziness:  The kind that makes you feel like you had one too many lemon drop shots and the room is spinning.
  • Excessive hunger:  Saturday night I was hungrier that I had ever been in my life.  No shit.  I was so hungry that it hurt.
  • Desperate need for sleep:  I am tired all.the.time.  Not just the lay your head down for five minutes kind of tired.  I'm talking deep sleep coma kind of tired.
  • Weight gain:  A touchy subject, I know.  I have always been pretty thin.  It has really done a number on my mental state to see that I've gained seven pounds so far.  Yes, you read that correctly, seven pounds.  Blame it on whatever you wish, but I've never weighed this much in my life and it is a hell of a shock to see on the scale.
So far, only a little bit of nausea and fleeting at that.  I guess I consider myself lucky, but I've got a long road a head of me!  Please keep your fingers crossed that these buttons don't decide to give in to the stress right in the middle of my finance presentation tonight.  And if they do, please God let my body respond in kind by allowing me to just pass out or die of embarassment right there on the spot.